Horizon CT5.4 E01 error?

I have an Horizon CT5.4 Treadmill that was giving me an E01 error when first powering on. During discussions with Johnson Fitness I have replaced the belt, Motor, Lower control Panel and still receiving the same error.

They have now said I should replace the running deck. I live in Canada and the cost for this ans shipping together with the other parts I've ordered from them would have been less expensive to buy a new treadmill !!!

Anyway - I am where I am but before I get a new deck I was wondering if there is anyway to repair/make a new deck as it only looks like a piece of MDF/plywood with a 'slippery' surface. Surely there must be something at Home Depot I can buy to replace my deck and save me spending $200+

HELP ! :)


  • I don't of any product that you can buy at home depot that would work. I would loosen running belt and try running unit with just the motor and front roller spinning and see if it still has a error code.
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