ProForm 9000 - Belt rubs on Belt Guards

Greetings--I recently purchased a new ProForm 9000. Setup was a breeze, but I've noticed that on the underside of the deck the belt rubs on each side on parts identified in the owner's manual as the "Belt Guards". I've uploaded pictures here:

The "Belt Guards" themselves are smooth, but do press the belt out about an inch and a half. I worry about wear and tear as well as stretching/contorting the shape of the belt. The sides of my belt are already flared out where the belt was pressing against the Belt Guards while it was inside the box and I don't want to see this happening to the rest of the belt over time.

There's nothing in the owner's manual about removing the Belt Guards as part of setup, or about the use of the Belt Guards at all. Asked a local Fitness dealer to look at their ProForm 9000 on their floor, and he confirmed they had it set up with the Belt Guards pushing on the belt the same amount. So maybe I'm just concerned for nothing and this is all part of the plan put in place by the engineers at ProForm but wanted to get a second opinion.

Thoughts? Supposed to be this way or oversight? Cause for concern?


  • That's the way they are suppose to be, everything looks good, no need for concern.
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