Pacemaster Pro Elite Displays -P- when trying to slow

I have a Pacemaster Pro Elite. I purchased it used, and it worked fine for the first week, now everything works except when trying to slow the speed it instantly displays -p- and shuts down until the magnet is removed or the pause start is pressed and you can start and go faster again. It seems like it is going into the pause mode. Ideas? I don't have the manual


  • ENTER/PAUSE – You can put your exercise "on hold" at any time by pressing the ENTER/PAUSE button. Your PaceMaster treadmill will stop, retaining the distance, calories, and Aerobic Points accumulated thus far, as well as the speed and remaining time. -P- will appear in the SPEED display window displays to indicate the PAUSE feature has been activated. To resume your workout where you left off, press START. This button is also used to ENTER pertinent information into the treadmill’s computer.
  • Thank you for the response, however I think you may misunderstand. It enters this mode by press the down arrow on the speed control. I thought maybe it was in some mode that doesnt allow slowing down, but I do not see any program activated. Very annoying that the treadmill can not be slowed, only paused or shut down
  • I would take your console apart disconnect keypad and clean ribbon cable then reinstall and see if that helps.
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