LifeSpan 1200i board fuse pops when switched on

I think I caused this problem when I turned on my treadmill and accidentally hit the breaker reset switch at the same time as the power button. Everything came on for a second then the power shut down. The fuse on the board where the power enters had popped and the house breaker also tripped. I replaced the bad fuse but now every time I turn of the power it beeps like it is going to turn on then the fuse pops again. I am wondering if a bad breaker reset switch could cause this problem since that is what I hit by accident and may have damaged?


  • I got it to power up by running a cord to another outlet but there are still problems. When I try to start it up there is a countdown timer and as it counts down the board goes off and on two or three times and then the machine resets to the startup screen. There is a red light that stays lit, except during the shutdowns, that is labeled D1 ERROR/OC.
  • You have a short in the lower board and would need to replace that .
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