Random tripping of on/off switch on precor C964i

The on/off switch/circuit breaker started turning off while I was using my C964i the last few years. I don't use it regularly so I would forget about it and it would happen again the next time. It's now tripping off at random times before the belt even starts up. I had a local 'tech' come by and he said that the deck was worn which I believe was the cause of the initial problems. However, replacing the deck isn't going to fix it now since it happens before I even start the belt. He mentioned capacitors going bad but I suspect it's because the circuit breaker has gotten weak from tripping too many times. He basically told me to buy a new one but I'm too stubborn. I'm willing to buy a new deck if I can get the thing to stay on consistently. Thoughts on whether it sounds like replacing the circuit breaker would fix it? Any tests I can run to confirm it?


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