Freemotion XTR Treadmill

Odd issue with our XTR and I am pretty sure it is our controller. Our XTR runs for approx 3 min...doesnt matter if it s full out speed our at level 1. It comes to a stop...and then starts back up again.

watching the controller light, it flashes constantly until this 3ish min mark and then the light shuts off and comes back on....almost like it s rebooting. I also checked the calibration and it is fine...belt tension is fine and belt is straight.

I snapped a video of it is:

I really dont want to buy a controller if that isnt the issue and I really do not want to replace my treadmill because we really like this one.

Feedback would be appreciated.



  • I think we are having the same problem with different treadmills!
  • The MC-2100 has a single test light. The meaning of the operation of the test light is:
    If light it off - the board has no detectable input AC power.
    If light is on and glowing solid - It is receiving AC power but no speed signal from the console.
    If light is on and blinking rapidly - AC power is present, it is receiving a speed signal and is outputting DC voltage.
    If light is on and blinking slowly around once per second - there is an amp problem with the treadmill. Usually this is a belt/deck friction problem.
    If light is on and blinking very slowly at a rate of on one second and off one second - the controller is dropping output voltage by design. It does this if the maximum current limit is exceeded and increased amp load does not maintain belt speed. The reason it is dropping output is to prevent damage to the system. This is usually a bearing seizing up or a bad belt/deck friction problem.

    maybe a bad controller
  • Do you sell these controllers?
  • We may I just need the complete model number of the treadmill, its on a sticker located on the frame.
  • I have a Freemotion treadmill and we are having the same issues. Tech came out and told us we needed a new motor control board, which we installed over the weekend. Did not correct the issue, still stops and starts during operation. What else can we check?
  • Make sure you recalibrate new mcb.
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