Nordictrack T7 Si - Console all lit up, buttons won't work.

Hey everyone. My mom gave me this treadmill about a year ago and I've used it quite a bit throughout the year. When I first got it set up, I had this issue as well, but it went away on it's own after a day of resting. What would happen then: At first, I didn't know that you can't plug these things into a GFCI outlet, so I'd plug it in, start it up, trip the outlet, reset the breaker, try again...on the 2nd try the console would be all lit up, every screen and LED lit up but no text on any of the screens. The buttons would not work. I'd have to let it rest for a day and then I plugged it into a different outlet (Non GFCI) and it would be fine. I did not have this issue for almost a year after that. Now, last night I decided to move the treadmill, I only rotated it about 90 degrees so it faced a different wall, went upstairs with my extension cord, plugged it in and it's doing the same thing. The entire panel will light up, with no numbers displayed and no buttons working. I let it rest overnight but it's still doing it today. The control board under the motor cover panel will has a little red LED on it that will blink once, then remain lit.

I have tried adjusting the reed switch, I took the control console apart and did not see any loose or broken wires.

Any help would be greatly's raining all week so I can't get to the park and walk.



  • First You can have have a treadmill on any type of extension cord.
  • I would take console apart again, then unplug the ribbon cable that goes from keypad to Console/Pcb and clean the end of it and then plug it back in and see if that helps.
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