2007 nordic track c 2400

I am having issues with belt slipping on the above model-and have just begin investigating the issue. two years ago-i replaced the deck and realize if i replace belt-minimum cost is 100 dollars. with newer models available and based upon the age of the current treadmill-any suggestions re either replacing belt at lesser cost ( everything else working) vs purchasing newer model which would have improved cushion.

2nd part of question-I have tightened treadmill upon recommendations. underside of belt is smooth and there is 2-3 inches b/t belt and deck as recommended. any other ways to determine if belt is issue? I do not see any cracking or fraying of belt, and roller continues to move when belt stops. also-I have not recently lubricated belt-would that help? and what lube is recommended? thanks for thoughts


  • I would suggest lubricating the belt every 6 months with treadmill world famous lube.You could take a amp draw reading to see what the amps are with load and without load. Also you should be able to dig your finger nails into the underside of belt, if not belt may need to be replaced.
  • Would you suggest replacing and lubricating belt on a treadmill that old vs buying a newer model with possible better cushioning?

    And as far as direction to determine if belt needs replaced-I should be able to grab into belt with nails-feel a texture on underneath of belt? Underneath of belt is smooth.

    thanks for thoughts
  • If you can't dig your nails in on the underside of belt that tells you it needs to be replaced.
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