X11i - Electrical Issues? - No blink pattern when shutting down.

I've been in contact with IconService and it appears they don't have any reason to why my treadmill keeps shutting down. Originally, the unit would reboot (go to Android screen) in the middle of a workout.

Prior to reaching out to ICON, I did the following:
- Replace belt
- Lubricate walking board
- Adjusted belt tension

After continued shutdowns (speeds greater than 4.0 mph), I reached out to ICON. They've sent the following warranty items:
- Replacement Console
- Replacement Controller
- Replacement Motor
- SD Card with Software Upgrades

The current pattern of the indicator light is:
Blinks when running. Shuts down above 4 mph.
Unit shuts down and blinking immediately stops (no blink at all with no discernible pattern).
Android console reboots, and unit returns with solid red light.

I wanted to reach out the forum and see if anyone has had this issue. The only thing left is the large resister on the controller board, but I doubt that's the problem.

Open to ideas and suggestions...

- Skip


  • Update:

    Swapped another motor out and seems to have done the trick. Ran well last night and this morning on higher speeds (8 mph) for a solid 15 minutes and then again this morning... time will tell though.

    - Skip
  • let us know how you made out, after installing 2nd motor.
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