Treadmill for marathoner

this is my first post and guess what I am looking for a treadmill :-)

Already did quite some research on the web and have vistited stores as well.
What do I want to do:
-Basically preparing for marathon
-I will still continue running outside as much as possible
-But I want to get more flexible in terms of time and weather
-The treadmill will be used for HIIT or Intervals up to 18kmh / 11 mph (probably once a week), few standard runs 6-8mph and couple of long runs during winter

My first ideas after web research pointed out for:
-Sole F85
-Nordictrack 1750
-Taurus 9.9 (probably only available in Germany)

For the Nordictrack I read that it give good value for the price. But in case of need support Norictrack is far from good.

I went to a shop to test the Taurus 9.9. It was not in the store as it was for repair. Then I went on Taurus 10.3, the better version of the Taurus for a quick try. That lastet just about 2 minutes before the treadmill broke down (stopped working with mechanical issue). That does not really build confidence for the Taurus...

Other recommendation from the shop is a LifeFitness T5, but it was not available that day because the display was for repair. Maybe just a bad day for the shop.

General advice I got.
-Take at least 3chp / ps
-AC engine better than DC (especially for a marathoner potentially running longer workouts)
-size at least 150cm to 50 cm
-better take a non foldable treadmill as the incline will work better cause the whole treadmill is lifted and not only the part with the belt
-Anything to add to this list?

So far so good. Continue searching. Finally found this page.
The review of the NT1750 says "If you are a marathon runner forget about it".

Looks I can drop this one from the list as well?
Also the Bowflex BXT216 seem to be better choice against the Sole 85 (which I will test within this week in local store!). Not sure if I find possibility to test the Bowflex in my town. Does it make sense to buy a treadmill having not tested it?

Any other thoughts or recommendations for me?

kind regards


  • I would go with sole and purchase a extended warranty on any unit you purchase.
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