Nordic Track Elite 4200 with no belt movement

I was on the running treadmill and it stopped all of a sudden. Everything works from the main indicator panel, it says the belt is running but it actually isn't. I went into a forum on diagnosing the problem and came across a motor test. I checked the motor with a cordless drill battery. The motor spins great. I looked over the motor control board and I don't see any issues. Is there a way to check the control board or main board ? I don't want to purchase a motor control board and have that not be the solution. Any input would be appreciated on how to check the boards.



  • You can see if the mcb is putting out any dc voltage when you are increasing the speed. Sounds like its a mcb
  • Thanks is there pin number or connector to check or just check the motor connections ?
  • You want to check the m+ & m- connectors
  • i measured 0 Volts, moved the speed up on the main panel. it went up on the panel but no volts. Is this a good indicator the motor control board is bad ?
  • Yes, the motor controller is bad.
  • do you hsve them in stock ? if so what is the part number and cost ?
  • Yes, they are in stock and the part # is 252234 and they are $149.99 plus shipping.
  • I ordered and replaced the board, it worked 15 minutes and then stopped. It will not rotate the belt again, as the original symptom. I did add a cordless drill battery on the motor leads and it turns. Is this still a problem with the MCB ?
  • I am still able to move the speed up and down on the control board, which increments up/down but no belt movement. The incline can be adjusted up and down on the control panel and it actually moves up and down.
  • To whom it may concern at Treadmill Doctor, Would the control Board be bad that was sent to me if I have the same symptom ?
  • Could be possible.
  • So who do I contact to get a replacement board sent.
  • Contact customer service with your order number.
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