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Hi all,

New to this site! Hoping a clever person can Help me!!! My treadmill was stood upright and it fell, knocking the control panel so it was only hanging by its wires! now my control panel no longer works. There is power to the treadmill as the power light illuminates. I took apart the control panel to investigate and came across the safety switch which had been damaged. I have taken the inside of the switch out which did have 2 pins attached with a grey wire and a blue wire. The problem I have is I did not document which wire went on to which pin so am hoping some one will be able to enlighten me? If someone has a reebok I -run and could possibly take a picture of the inside of the safety switch so I could connect the correct pins back up. I could provide my email so someone condo email me a picture?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help :)


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