Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill (SF-T4400) turns on but does not run

Hi, so I have this small Sunny Health treadmill that suddenly stops as I was walking on it. The panel is still on and everything to indicate that it is running, but the motor will not spin. I tried turning it off and on, press the surge reset button to no avails. When I plug in the key and start the machine all I hear is a click and the motor will just lie there silently. I can see the light on the control board lights up. The control panel works. Everything is functional except the motor will not spin. I think it may be the control board but I don't know how to rule it out step by step and if it is whether i can find another board to replace it, or if it is worth it to fix at all. I have limited electrical knowledge so please bear with me. Many thanks!


  • I would test your motor first with a 12v or 18v battery to see if motor is good.
  • thank you very much. I will do it this weekend. In the mean time, assuming that one of the parts need to be replaced, how do I find out what are the part numbers (I'm assuming it's either the control board or the motor). I no longer have the manual with me. Many thanks.
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  • thanks. they told me the prices but would not give me the part numbers. They know I want to shop around to see if I can get the parts cheaper elsewhere. Is there a way to get the part numbers from looking at the parts themselves? Thanks
  • No, That's the only place you can buy the parts no one else sells those parts.
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