I have a Reebok 8000 ES treadmill bought a few years ago

and I closed it up for a time since it wasn't being used...I opened it again and plugged it in, no problem, lights come on, then I stood on the side rails, not the belt, and the tread ran fine and all = but after about 12 seconds the treadmill stopped functioning = lights stayed on but the belt and motor did not run. I did hit the reset button and tried again, same thing. Not sure what the problem is or how to find out.


  • Take the hood cover off and see if any lights on lit on the lower mcb, When you press the start button on console will the time start to count up. If it does then it could be a motor controller, but if time does not start to count up then its a console issue.
  • Ok will do that and report back. thanks so much
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