Pacemaster Pro-Plus hr - "bAd Scr" error message

I have a Pacemaster Pro-Plus treadmill. When I press "Start" I have been getting "bAd Scr" error message. I think the motor is running fine, because when I take the speed senor/wiring unit off, the treadmill starts and accelerates to maximum speed. I replaced the speed sensor/wiring unit, but I am having the same problem. Any thoughts? Thanks.


  • Err Code 22 - (Bad Scr) Indicates malfunction of the circuitry that controls motor speed.
    1. Bypass the wire harness between the control panel circuit board and the power supply circuit board with a spare wire harness. If the error is corrected, install the spare wire harness. If the error still occurs –
    2. Replace the power supply circuit board. In the unlikely event that this does not correct the error – This part is NLA
    3. Replace the drive motor. (MOTOR is good because it runs at top speed)
  • Thanks! I will try this.
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