Horizon Omega 2, deck squeak


I have a Horizon Omega 2 which has a deck squeak when running and sometimes (but less so) when walking. I've used silicon on the shocks, lubricant on the deck. The belt is okay as far as I know (doesn't slip). Its less than a year old. Its not a motor related squeak as I can hear it when the treadmill is switched off just by bouncing the deck. I've also checked all the fastening bolts underneath - all are fine. And I've used lubricant on the support struts (its a folding treadmill).

The only thing I haven't done - mainly because I'm too scared ! - is remove the hood covering the motor.

Any thoughts?




  • I would remove hood cover and see if unit still squeaks, also make sure the deck is not cracked. Also make sure noise is not coming from your incline rack that supports treadmill, may need to lube the pivot points on frame.
  • It was the incline rack pivots! The noise has all but gone now. Thank you very much for your help.
  • Happy Holidays
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