Nordictrack 1500

Nordictrack 1500 model NTL09707.7. Was working just fine then after stepping on the belt, it quit. Console still has power, all functions except the belt works. Did my trouble shooting steps, LED indicates that the board is awaiting input from console. I checked the PWM percents from console they are OK when not connected to board (only sent power to console) but once i connect cable to board, they are gone. (can the board do that or the cable?)Checked continuity of cable and that checks out. When setting a speed, LED stays solid and does not flash like it's supposed to. Customer service says board is toast but it only has six hours on use on it (but is out of warranty). Any ideas before i have to drop 200 bucks on a new board?


  • Woot! I figured it out. The PWM line controlling the motor was shorted to ground. Fixed the cable and machine works great now. Hopefully this may help others.
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