Nordictrack C2420 Console Issue

My treadmill is around 10 years old. The console has become intermittent. At times (extremely rare) the console has worked like the day it was purchased but normally it has problems. About 3 weeks ago I decided to give it another try and it worked perfectly for 2 runs with all buttons working. After the 2nd run it reverted back to its old problems. The console only works the 3, 8, 12 mph speed buttons. No other buttons work on the console. Three mph is too slow and 8 mph is too fast for a 55 yr old. My desired use is warm-up at 3 & 4 walking and then running at 5/6 mph with an occasional foray into the 7 mph range. 

Can an alternative method be used to change speeds (i.e. moving wires that operate 8/12 mph to the 5/6 wire slots if this is something that is possible) other than using the console buttons? I do not need the console to track mileage or calories or anything else (those things would be nice but I mainly need the treadmill to run for periods of time). I am a high school soccer referee and just need to prepare for endurance. Thanks


  • We do have a device that would work that we are designing right now, if you are interested please call me at 888 800 1167 ext 331.
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