Console cycles on and off - Proform 2500 PFTL4972

Unit all of the sudden will will turn on and then the console will cycle on on off continuously. I have unplugged the unit and let it sit, always seem to help when I copier business, but it still will not come out of this cycle. I reseated the connections under the hood, and still no change. I did notice that each time the unit cycled, I could feel the incline motor thump slightly.

Anyone else experience this? I am guessing that there is some way to get a error code off this, and if so any guidance would be great on how to do this, along with a cross reference to the error.

Thanks in advance,



  • Just a quick update, after writing this, I plugged it back in and now the incline motor slowly cycles up and down. At least I know the motor is not bad. Starting to sound like a logic/main PWB. Am I SOL?
  • You can try to recalibrate entire unit and see if that helps.

  • Thank you for the response!

    I followed the instructions, but as soon as I press the incline button in step 3 I get the flashing console. It is really strange, at one point last night, it finished cycling the incline motor and came to ready. There was a little flicker on the console run I got it to run for a few minutes. Once I stepped on and turned it to 3, it shut down and started the flashing console again.

    Thinking it may be the incline motor, I removed the motor and was able to turn it freely by hand. Using a drill, I could get the actuator to move as well. I even tried turning on the unit with the motor removed, but plugged in with no change.

    Do you have any other thoughts?
  • Sounds like it may be a mcb.
  • Thanks, that was my thought as well. Do you happen to have a part # and availability of the MCB?
  • Part # 180436 and they are $99.99 and they are in stock.
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