Horizon CT 5.4 "LUBE BELT" stuck.

I have a Horizon CT 5.4 treadmill I bought in 2014. I used it occasionally and it was working fine. The only odd thing about it was that everytime I turned it finished a workout or turned it on it displayed a "lube Belt" message but hitting any key made it disappear. I also lubricated the deck quite frequently. I recently turned it back on again after some 1 year of inactivity but this time the lube belt message did not go away. I lubricated the deck, dusted it off, reconnected wires, tried all the key combinations ( speed + & STOP for 10 secs, elev + & speed - for 10 secs) but nothing is registering on the computer. No new menu opens, its just that message stuck there. Been doing this for two days. Do i need a new controller or control panel? I dont know any technical stuff and purchasing these components is expensive, so I want to exhaust all other options first. Any help would be appreciated?
Thank you.


    It is necessary to lubricate your treadmill running deck every
    six months or 150 miles (240 kilometers) to maintain optimal
    performance. Once the treadmill reaches 150 miles (240
    kilometers), the console will display the message “LUBE” or
    “LUBE BELT”. The treadmill will not operate while the
    message is showing. Hold ‘STOP’ for 5 seconds to suspend
    message for 5 miles.
    Your treadmill came with a bottle of lubricant which can be
    used for two applications.
    ● Turn off the treadmill with the on/off switch, then unplug the
    power cord at the wall outlet.
    ● Loosen both the rear roller bolts. (For best results, place
    two removable marks on both sides of the frame and note
    roller position). Once the belt is loosened, take the bottle
    of lubricant and apply it to the entire top surface of the
    running deck. Tighten both rear roller bolts (matching up the marks for proper position) to original position. After you
    have applied lubricant, plug in the power cord, insert the safety key, start the treadmill and walk on the belt for two
    minutes to spread the lubricant.
    ● Lubricate the air shocks with Teflon based spray.
    ● When lubrication is complete, hold “elevation ▲ & Stop” both keys 5 seconds then the message will be clean.
  • I had exact same issue, and done all Admin suggested above, not working still. Any suggestion?
  • You would need to contact Horizon fitness, most likely you will need to change out upper console.
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